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Bluetooth Shower Speaker & Portable Waterproof Music Player

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Listen to Wet Wet Wet while getting wet wet wet! We joke of course. Nobody listens to them anymore. On the other hand, if you're in a bring-back-the-90s kind of mood, you can listen to Aqua while splashing in the- ah you get the idea.

Everybody likes to belt out a good song or two, whether you like singing songs in the shower or bellowing ballads in the bath. People say it is the acoustics, but who knows. A good song might get you ready for a day at work, for a night out, for a big date, or whatever else you're facing that day.

Product Description:

The point we're trying to make is that with the PRIMAX'S WATERPROOF SPEAKER you will never have to sing alone in the shower again. Blast your favorite beats from your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth® enabled device right to your handy speaker. Because it's waterproof you can use it anywhere; while taking a dip, scrubbing in your shower, relaxing by the pool or even on a kayak as some of our more adventurous customers do.

The Primax Bluetooth Shower Speaker understands that you may not be fully wireless yet, but it assumes you've got a device with Bluetooth® that you'd prefer to listen to. Simply connect your Primax Wireless Speakers via blue tooth and transform your bathroom into a unique stereo sound experience. You have the ability to stream your mp3’s/FM/Pandora/itunes/music from a Bluetooth device, meaning you'll be jamming to your tunes in the tub in no time.

The Primax Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has all the cutting-edge oomph you need for the home but it also works as a PORTABLE SPEAKER you can carry. Producing crisp, clear sound, and outstanding deep bass, this speaker is perfect for family trips and adventure packed weekends, helping friends and family to make their memories last forever. Upgrade your portable sound system with the Primax Waterproof Shower Speakers. Your music will thank you!

Product Specifications:

  • Includes:
    • Primax Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker
    • USB Charging Cable (for direct charging the portable speaker)
    • Instruction Manual
    • Protective casing
  • Great gift for anyone, especially Aquaman
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating, not just water resistant: Fully submersible up to a depth of 1m for 30min, not that you would need to anyway.
  • Dustproof and heat resistant: For enjoyment indoors and outdoors whether you in the car or at a beach party
  • High definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity with all Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 30 feet
  • Audio Output Power: 3W RMS for an improved high-powered speaker output and volume, giving clear, crisp sound and outstanding deep bass for full-bodied sound
  • Built-in amplifier to pack a serious punch.
  • Microphone: For a hands-free speakerphone functionality for answering calls so you don’t have to jump out and run dripping across the room to take a call
  • Materials: Made of quality ABS materials, making it rigid, tough & heat resistant to protect the speaker so you won’t need to replace it in a few months time
  • Ultra Portable with compact, lightweight design for easy carrying to the beach, party or where ever else you may be headed
  • Plays music or phone calls from any Bluetooth® enabled device. SUPPORTS iOS & ANDROID; iPhone, iPads, iPods, tablets, Samsung, LG & other mobile phones among other Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Batteries: Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery so no need to replace them every few weeks
  • Battery status LED indicator
  • 2-3 hours charge time with included USB cable for playback of 8+ HOURS
  • Integrated volume/power control
  • Equipped with a strong silicone suction cup for mounting it where you want and how you want

When you’re enjoying a shower and a song, there’s nothing worse than having to jump out and run dripping across the room to take a call so we have an added feature that lets you ANSWER INCOMING PHONE CALLS right from your speaker. Use it as a hands-free kit with its built-in high sensitivity Mic, making it better than any shower head systems. These Waterproof Shower Speakers also have an integrated control panel (the whole center of the speaker has different function buttons), so you can quickly and easily CONTROL YOUR MUSIC WIRELESSLY…Now those kind of specs are music to our ears!

Featuring a non-permanent suction cup that mounts onto almost any flat surface, this waterproof speaker can be used on metal, plastics, glass or the guy in front of you in the line at the bank. You can mount this on a variety of surfaces thanks to a strong but gentle grip that holds with ease leaving your hands free and happy.

Don't you hate it…

When you're singing along to your favorite song and the artist gets the words wrong? We can help solve the problem once and for all and improve your music experience all round with this pint-sized speaker from the Primax family. Almost small enough to fit in your pocket yet loud enough to blow your eardrums to bits, it's ideal for easy listening and as an added bonus: no more wasting time with pesky tangles.

We’ve had too many good songs ruined by the pitiful background hiss and crackle that comes standard with other Bluetooth speakers. You know what we’re talking about: when you exceed a certain volume, it sounds like a snake trying to eat a bag of potato chips. Make that a thing of the past and upgrade with Primax’s latest and greatest. Marvel at the POWERFUL & CRISP SOUND blasting out of this little guy, offering unrivaled aural satisfaction (read that carefully). The speaker allows you to appreciate Skrillex’s music with all the bone-vibrating bass the maestro himself intended.

The take anywhere, use anywhere, portable speaker really ups the Bluetooth game, wouldn't you say? We’re fairly confident that you’ll find some suitable creative use for ‘em (they are dust and water proof after all)

So ORDER NOW and take advantage of our SALE ENDING SOON!

The ONLY Waterproof Shower Speaker with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Over 6000 happy customers last year, we must be doing something right?

”The quality is really good, this speaker packs a punch with clear sound and was easy to set up! I've been using it at the pool where I can leave my IPhone safely on the patio and still have great sounding music! This little speaker thinks it's a big speaker!” - Stacey

So ORDER NOW and start blasting your favorite tunes! When you do, why not get two... one for you & one for your friend as a gift!

Please Remember: We have a limited quantity of the incredible waterproof shower speaker available for shipping and the current sale is ending soon!


What Separates Superior Sounds Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker From The Competition?

Note all those fancy certifications such as FCC, CE and RoHS. Quality assured authentication.

It’s simple really. It starts with the fact that this product meets SGS standards & is 100% tested before orders. We use the best ISSC Bluetooth chip import & 3.0+ EDR technology, supporting Bluetooth devices 4.0 & lower. It includes a built-in -32 db high sensitivity receiver micphone, with a UART data transfer rate of 115200bps. Sound wise we have 4 ohm 3W RMS full-range speakers providing sweet treble & smooth, deep bass. The shell is made of a two phase polymer blend, ABS plastic; a continuous phase of styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN) gives the speaker rigidity, hardness & heat resistance. The toughness of ABS is the result of submicroscopically fine polybutadiene rubber particles uniformly distributed in the SAN matrix.

If you poured over this admittedly dry data, you’d come to the same conclusion we have, that Primax has the best waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker available.

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Please Remember: We have a limited quantity of this product still available for shipping and the current sale is ending soon!

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